Celebrating Our Exceptional SkyLob 64 and HBB 56 Wedges

In golf, the standard practice involves playing shots using a square clubface, although there might be exceptions when it comes to using those wedges.

However, when navigating around the greens, situations like needing to clear a bunker demand a high, soft landing. Typically, this involves opening your clubface and adjusting your swing. But with the SkyLob Wedge, there’s no need to alter the clubface; you simply keep it square, just like any other club in your bag. This eliminates guesswork from your golf swing. The SkyLob Wedge streamlines the process, making it considerably simpler and ensuring more consistent results.

The SkyLob wedge boasts 64 degrees of loft, 9 degrees of bounce, and a 70-degree lie angle.

Why did we opt for a lie angle of 70 degrees for the SkyLob? This strategic choice offers us a significant edge over most manufacturers, as many clubs maintain a 64-degree lie angle. Our rationale for the 70-degree lie angle is to position the ball closer to your feet, minimizing the need to open or close the clubface during your golf swing.

For more insights into the SkyLob Wedge, check out our videos. Rest assured, this golf club is fully compliant with the rules and regulations of any golf tournament worldwide.

SkyLob wedge is for a Normal golf swing

Yes you could take a normal stand normal square face and YES a normal golf swing for every golf shot with the SkyLob. When you are closer to the hole is harder to be offline comparing of being at 90 yards from the green. No need to open the club face to manipulate a golf shot with the SkyLob Wedge. 

Remember that the SkyLob wedge was created with the lie angle set to 70 degree to be more precise. The SkyLob Wedge keep the club face longer in line with your target because the ball is closer to your feet.

Not easy with your wedge from 40 yards but with the SkyLob wedge you will be able to have a normal golf swing to the flag.

Skylob Wedge: The Key to Better Lie Angle and Improved Golf Performance

Are you eager to elevate your golf game and level up your shots? Look at what the Skylob Wedge has to offer! This club is not just any ordinary wedge; it’s built to help golfers fine-tune their shot game, leading to improved accuracy and shot direction.

Lie angle holds immense importance in how a golf club performs, and the Skylob Wedge places special emphasis on this crucial factor with its ingenious design. From the clubhead to the shaft, every detail is tailored to synchronize with your swing mechanics, ensuring that the clubface aligns perfectly at impact. The result? A more predictable trajectory, enhanced shot direction, and ultimately, a better performance on the course.

But that’s not all! The Skylob Wedge doesn’t stop at just optimizing the lie angle; its adaptable clubface and versatile sole design enable various shot types—pitching, lobbing, flop shots—you name it! Whether it’s escaping a bunker or putting a spin on a chip shot, this club offers the control and flexibility you need to conquer challenges on the green. In a nutshell, the Skylob Wedge is a game-changer for any golfer striving to refine their shot game, precision, and overall gameplay. With its adaptable design and prime focus on lie angle perfection, this wedge is your ticket to hitting consistent shots and improving your scores. Why wait? Start your journey towards better golf today with the Skylob Wedge! Observing the PGA Tour statistics for bunker shots around the green, players succeed approximately 50% of the time. This particular statistic is where the SkyLob wedge could potentially make a significant difference in your game.

The HBB 56-degree wedge is ingeniously designed with the bounce positioned at the back of the head, aptly named for its high bounce back feature (HBB). This strategic placement offers golfers unparalleled flexibility in utilizing the bounce precisely when needed, especially in challenging bunker shots. The HBB design empowers you to harness the bounce effectively, providing versatility and control to navigate various bunker conditions with confidence and precision. However, while in the middle of the fairway, the bounce isn’t necessary as we strike the golf ball before making contact with the ground. Without requiring the bounce, the clubface surface comes closer to the ground, aiding in generating increased spin on the ball.

Hey, you should totally give both wedges a shot! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Face on GP putter too. And guess what? You can grab all four golf clubs at a sweet special package price!

SkyLob wedges left and right handed
the golf grips for both wedges

Our wedges stand out as truly unique in comparison to other offerings on the market.

While many manufacturers tend to replicate each other’s designs, we’ve dared to break the mold. Rather than simply following the herd, we’ve chosen a different path—one that prioritizes innovation and creativity in the realm of golf’s short game.

Unlike the conventional approach adopted by most manufacturers, we’ve set our sights on redefining the boundaries of wedge design. Our team believes in pushing boundaries, thinking beyond the ordinary, and crafting wedges that bring fresh ideas and inventive solutions to the golfer’s bag.

Instead of adhering to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ mindset prevalent in the industry, we’re passionate about crafting wedges that cater to diverse playing styles. Our aim is to provide golfers with tools that not only enhance performance but also inspire confidence and creativity on the course.

By challenging the status quo and focusing on innovation, we’re dedicated to delivering wedges that break away from the ordinary and introduce a new standard of excellence in the golfing world.

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