Face on GP Putter Basic Setup

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The Face-on-Putting technique distinguishes itself through its remarkable simplicity, characterized by a streamlined approach that involves far fewer moving parts than its traditional golfing counterparts.

A key feature of this method is the consistent orientation of the Club Face, which stays pointed down the target line throughout the entire putt. This not only simplifies the putting process but also contrasts significantly with the complexity of the “open door/closed door” technique commonly employed in traditional putting. Moreover, the GP putter facilitates a remarkably straightforward “straight back and straight through” putting stroke, contributing to ease and precision in one’s putting game.

Crucially, the faceon-putting method employed by the GP putter adheres rigorously to the regulations of any golf tournament worldwide. Face on Putting with the GP putter is explicitly recognized as fully legal in the context of tournament play. The demonstrated putting stroke, as showcased in accompanying videos, abides by the established rules and guidelines, ensuring its complete legality and alignment with the standards of competitive golf. This commitment to legality underscores the innovation and efficiency that the GP putter brings to the realm of putting techniques.

Face on GP putter
basic setup of how to putt
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