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Follow these simple four steps with the face on putting technique.

  1. Take an upright position facing forward toward the target, legs slightly bent and relaxed, feet
    fairly close together, the ball position to the right and forward of your right foot.
  2. Hold the golf grip with your left hand in front of the right side of your chest.
  3. With your right arm lightly bent, place your right hand behind the grip.
  4. Make sure you are align to your target and create a pendulum motion when hitting the golf ball.

If golf were invented today, would golfers still be putting the same way? This is an interesting question that raises a number of possibilities.

On one hand, it's likely that golfers would still be putting the same way. The conventional putting technique has been the standard for centuries and has proven to be effective for many golfers. Its familiarity and wide acceptance would likely make it difficult to change the way golfers putt.

On the other hand, if golf were invented today, technology and innovation might have a significant impact on the sport and the way golfers approach putting. For example, advancements in club design and materials could lead to the development of new putting styles that are more effective and easier to use. Golfers might experiment with alternative techniques such as side saddle or face-on putting, or they might develop entirely new putting styles.

It's also possible that golfers would adopt new technologies and tools that would help them with their putting. For example, virtual reality simulations could be used to help golfers practice their putting and refine their techniques. Golfers might also use motion-sensing technology to analyze their swings and make adjustments to improve their putting accuracy.

In conclusion, if golf were invented today, it's difficult to predict exactly how golfers would putt. While the traditional putting style would likely still be used, new technology and innovations could lead to new putting techniques and styles. Golfers would likely experiment with different approaches to find what works best for their game and their individual skills.

The PGA Tour is comprised of professional golfers from around the world, each with their own individual putting technique and preferences. While side saddle putting is not the most common technique seen on the PGA Tour, some professional golfers may still choose to use it for the reasons mentioned earlier, such as comfort, better aim, less wrist movement, or personal preference.

It's important to note that golfers at the highest level of the sport have typically spent years developing and refining their technique, and they stick with what works best for them. So, even though side saddle putting may not be the most popular technique, if a professional golfer finds success with it, they will likely continue to use it.

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