Face-On Putter Reviews: Exploring Putting Techniques

The putter is a critical golf club that can significantly impact your game. Many golfers meticulously explore various putters available for sale, searching for the ideal one capable of elevating their performance. This putter review aims to outline the essential qualities to consider when choosing a new long-shafted putter, all of which are embodied in the Face On putter. Additionally, don’t miss the instructional video demonstrating the Face On putting stroke. Some key features to look for in a new Face On putter include:

  1. Face Balance that ensures the face is vertical for any angle of the lie of the ball on the green;
  2. Sweet Spot that is easy to distinguish not just by look, but also by sound;
  3. Tracking Line that allows the eye to line up the shot down the target line;
  4. Toe and Heel Design that does not interfere with the pendulum swing.

The primary objective of using a putter for face putting serves a dual purpose: to align the ball precisely with the target line and to initiate a smooth, straight roll of the golf ball during the stroke. The majority of the Face On putter’s weight is concentrated behind the head’s sweet spot, enabling impeccable alignment for an ideal stroke. It helps in sinking long and short putts while averting the dreaded three-putt scenario. Offered in both left-handed and right-handed versions, the USGA-compliant Face On putter stands out among all available face putting putters for sale, serving as the ultimate enhancer for golf game improvement. The Face On putter seamlessly accommodates awkward stances or challenging positions for golfers who have thoroughly reviewed the putter, mastered the intricacies of Face On putting, and adeptly execute Face On putting techniques.

Face-On Putting Your Ticket to Winning

If you are still putting your golf ball the old way, then you are already behind the times. The new method which is now sanctioned by the USGA is face-on putting. This method is much more effective in holing putts. Many golfers have improved their game because of it. You can be one of its adherents if you will give it a try.

Torque is Not Really Important

The basic reason why the old stance was developed is to give torque to your stroke. Torque is a force that will propel your ball the way you want it to go. It will provide the needed velocity and power so that your golf ball will reach its destination. But since you are only putting the ball from a short distance to the hole, you don’t need that much torque. It is very seldom that golfers putt the ball over a 150 foot distance.

It is a Different But More Effective Way

If you want to win a round of golf with your buddies, you have to leave the old ways to them. With the side saddle method, your accuracy will reach new heights. The reason is that you can see directly through the line leading to the hole. You don’t have to shift your gaze from the ball to the hole several times, which is really tiring at times. Since you are squarely facing the hole, you can plot the line where your ball will roll.

In effect, you are eliminating unnecessary movements, making you less tired and enabling you to putt more accurately. It is more like a pendulum motion where you just allow the backward and forward stroke in a perfect line the line which is going straight to the hole.

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Long Putters Perfect for Putting

Since you are moving your putter like a pendulum, it will be best if you will use a long putter. There are many such putters available in the market, one of which is the GP Putter. This face-on putter conforms with the recent USGA rules therefore; therefore every putt that you hole will be counted.

Many players are now using this method because for them, winning is more important than abiding by old techniques and long standing traditions that now may be out of date.

Successfully putting the golf ball does not need too much power and velocity. What you need more importantly, is a clear and definite line where you can direct the ball into the hole. You utilize the side saddle putting technique which is another name for face on putting. These terms mean that you are square facing the hole. When you have correctly read the green, you only need to apply the right amount of force or power to roll the golf ball into its hole.

Know more about Putter reviews : 

Putter reviews enable the professional golfer, or simply a golfer practicing the sport as a hobby, to choose the appropriate putter to seal a fine round of golf and to learn new techniques. You do not want to be wasting time and risk losing a game by missing the hole on your final putt. They are posted online and in golfing magazines, and so are accessible to golfers of all calibers, from professionals to amateurs. They can become the ultimate learning resource for a golfer, especially with new moves and techniques designed to improve your game. The first thing to look out for when reading reviews online is the source of the review. Who has written it? From which website does it originate? You should also see if the website contains a forum, enabling golf enthusiasts to share opinions on them contained in the webpage. Make use of new media available on the internet designed to facilitate learning, such as videos and podcasts. These can be a valuable source of information, as there are many of us who learn better by watching and listening rather than reading.

When searching for the ultimate putter, a review accompanied by a good photograph along with dimensions can define its quality. Another quality to look for when reading any reviews is feedback that may have been left by other readers. If the feedback consists of irrelevant jargon then perhaps this is not the optimum learning tool. If it is constructive then you can be sure that what you are reading will help you purchase the right putter for you, and teach you how to polish up a fine round of golf. When reading putter reviews in search of the latest equipment available, look for where and when this will be on sale. This will tell you where you would have to travel to buy the equipment, and in the case of it being a present for someone, whether it will be on sale on time.

With reviews found in magazines and other printed literature, you can be pretty much certain that it is from a credible source. Otherwise the magazine would no longer be in print. However, as with reviews posted online, it would be good to find out who wrote the review. Is it a well-known golfer? Is it someone who often writes reviews for this publication? Also, it would be wise to check online versions of the magazine. Is there much feedback on what is written? In general, good putter reviews will be to the point and easy to understand, with as little jargon as possible bearing in mind that it can be read by audiences with varying knowledge of the game. It will be a review that is easily remembered, and that can be referred back to if need be. After all, reviews have been written to improve your game and make sure that you are up to date with the latest equipment available.

When examining the PGA Tour’s putting statistics, take note that while two players may utilize the same putter model, their putting statistics can vastly differ. Explore the players’ individual putter reviews to see firsthand how their choice of putter influences their performance on the green. However, golfers who have been persistently struggling with the conventional putting method should consider trying something new. Mastering the GP putter for short distances doesn’t require much time and could significantly improve your game.

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