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You know putting is about 40% of your score in golf. You have 14 clubs in your golf bag but only one club is use for 40% of your score. This is only a suggestion but you could have 2 putters in your bag. You are very good on lag putts with your putter but inside 20 feet the GP putter is fantastic for someone that just started putting that way. The distance control from inside 20 feet with the GP putter is amazing. If you improve your putting stats by .5 putts per round that equal more $ in your pocket.
The GP putter conforms with USGA and R&A rules and the face on putting technique is 100% legal. The face on putting technique is very easy to master specially on short putts. The GP putter was design to putt with the putter shaft straight down so this prevent opening and closing the putter head during the putting stroke " no pull or push putts". 
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Conventional putting, also known as the "standard" or "traditional" putting technique, has remained popular in golf for several reasons:

  1. Familiarity: Many golfers have grown up playing with the traditional putting style and are comfortable with it. Changing one's putting technique can be difficult and takes time to master, so sticking with what's familiar can be appealing.
  2. Tradition: Golf is a sport with a long history and many traditional practices, and conventional putting is part of that tradition. Some golfers may feel that changing to a different style goes against the sport's heritage.
  3. Effectiveness: Conventional putting has proven to be an effective technique for many golfers, allowing them to sink putts and lower their scores. While alternative techniques like side saddle or face-on putting may work for some golfers, conventional putting has a proven track record for many.
  4. Wide Acceptance: Conventional putting is widely accepted and used by professional golfers and amateurs alike, making it the standard for the sport.

Ultimately, the reason why conventional putting remains popular in golf is a combination of these factors, including familiarity, tradition, effectiveness, and wide acceptance. Golfers who have found success with the traditional putting technique may choose to stick with it, while others may experiment with alternative techniques to find what works best for their game.

Face on GP Putter
Face-on GP putter view
Face-on GP Putter
New and improve head cover for the GP putter
GP putter two flap close
GP putter head cover one flap open
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