We answer your question (FAQ) about the Face on GP putter.

We would like to provide insight into the intentional design of the face on GP putter.

The unique design has been carefully crafted to serve a specific purpose. As a result of this thoughtfully engineered face, users can experience the advantage of putting with the putter shaft held plumb—perfectly straight up at address. This design feature enhances the overall putting experience, offering improved alignment and contributing to a more consistent and accurate putting stroke. Understanding the reasoning behind the face design sheds light on the innovation and precision that goes into crafting the GP putter, ultimately elevating its performance on the greens.

Do you find yourself using the same swing for your putter as you do with other clubs?

It’s a natural tendency rooted in muscle memory. Throughout the course, from the tee to the green, you engage those muscles repeatedly. Consequently, it’s common to apply the same swing to your putter as you would to your driver or fairway iron. Consider the required golf swing on the green – it demands smoothness and straightness, without the need for the extra energy used in power swings that make the ball soar. Face putting provides the solution.

face on gp putter
face on putter head cover

The Face On GP Putter stands out as a legitimate and fully compliant choice for any golf tournament across the globe.

Adhering to all the rules and regulations set by golf governing bodies, this innovative putter ensures that you can confidently wield it in competition, bringing its unique design and performance advantages to the forefront of your game. Embrace the legality and reliability of the Face On GP Putter as you take on the challenges of various golf tournaments with utmost confidence in your equipment.

usga putting rules
USGA letter for the face on GP putter

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