Face-On Chipping Demonstration

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Observing experienced PGA professionals instructing the nuances of chipping often involves a common instructional method: delicately propelling a golf ball towards the hole.

This isn’t a casual toss; rather, it serves as a visualization technique. This gesture allows both the instructor and the learner to envision the ball’s trajectory from the moment it leaves the clubface to its landing on the green.

The face-on chipping technique cleverly replicates this visualization process by emulating the natural movement of tossing a ball with your hand. This technique requires aligning your body squarely toward the intended target and executing a chipping motion that mimics the fluidity of a gentle toss. Such an approach enables golfers to mentally visualize the ball’s path in flight and its subsequent roll on the green.

By incorporating this technique into your chipping strategy, you essentially leverage a method that harmonizes with the body’s inherent throwing mechanics. This not only aids in visualizing the shot but also promotes a more intuitive and consistent chipping motion. Consequently, this leads to improved accuracy and control, allowing you to land the ball precisely where intended on the green.

The face-on chipping technique is akin to using a specialized side-saddle chipper club, designed explicitly for this purpose.

Managing the frustrating challenge of chipping yips can be daunting for any golfer, but the face-on chipping technique offers a potential remedy for this troublesome issue.

To perfect the golf swing for face-on chipping, position yourself approximately 5 feet away from the putting green. Begin by gently rocking your body, allowing for a smooth and precise swing that aligns with the face-on chipping style. Consistent practice of this movement refines your swing and helps eliminate the yips associated with chipping.

Effective chipping tips emphasize simplicity. Start your practice from a short distance, focusing on placing each ball consistently in the same spot on the putting green. This deliberate practice refines your swing mechanics and aids in eliminating the chipping yips.

In contrast, employing side-saddle chipping tips involves a motion resembling gently tossing a golf ball with your hands toward the hole. This particular motion serves as a preventive measure against experiencing the chipping yips, reinforcing the effectiveness of the face-on chipping technique in addressing this challenging aspect of golf.

Why not give it a shot and explore the simplicity behind mastering the face-on chipping stroke? As you delve into this technique, you’ll find its approachability and straightforwardness quite remarkable. With a bit of practice and dedication, you’ll swiftly realize how easily it can become a part of your golfing repertoire.

Face on Chipping shot
face on chipping facing the target
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