Face On Putting

Side Saddle Putting

Side Saddle Putting Technique

Side saddle or Face-on are the same thing for putting. You are facing the target when putting. This technique gives you the chance to have a perfect pendulum putting stroke

  1. Make sure the GP putter shaft is straight down at address
  2. Take a small back stroke and accelerate into your putt.
  3. Think distance and speed of the putt.
  4. Practice this from 6 feet on a straight line.

It’s easy to lag your putts with the side saddle putting stroke using the GP putter.

Side Saddle Putting will improve your game

Give it a try and see how simple the side saddle putting stroke is to master.

Side Saddle putting was made famous by Sam Snead who suffered the yips before adopting this Face on putting style.

Sam Snead did not have the opportunity to use a long shafted face on putter. In reality, he used a regular shaft length but he understood the concept and the value of this technique.  Just imaging what Sam Snead would have done with the Face on GP putter

Have You Tried Side Saddle Putting?

Golf is not really a complicated sport, but with all the different strokes you would have to get familiar with in order to take your game to a much higher level, it appears to be the case. However, if you want to be competitive, then you would have to get ready to adapt and be flexible. One particular shot that could serve as the clincher would definitely be putting. What is putting? Simply put, putting is the act of rolling the ball with the objective of putting into the hole, hence the name. There are various techniques employed to guarantee a good putt, with the most common issue being the divide between traditional stroke advocates and those who veer away from convention and explore more non-traditional techniques.

Side Saddle or Face On?

The difference between a side saddle and a face on putting technique is nil. Side saddle putting is a putting method which requires less complicated movements and positions than what would be required if you were to subscribe to the traditional stroke. In a way, it could be considered as a more direct approach, in which you focus your attention more on the hole, locking your eyes towards it instead from the side, which is what they do in a traditional stroke.

Face On Putting

How to putt face-on is quite easy, and might prove to be just the technique you need for that winning shot. Perhaps, the most essential tip that you would get is to ensure that the putter is on a vertical position, pointing straight down. Grip the putter with your left hand, positioning it just in front of your right chest. Your right hand goes directly behind the grip, offering solid support. Once you are done with all the preparations, make sure that you rely on a good pendulum motion swing after drawing an imaginary line between the ball and the hole, which would serve as a guide for your eyes.

Take note that the United States Golf Association (USGA) has released new rules and regulations that would come into effect starting January 2016, in which anchored putting is the subject of a ban. Even so, you could still utilize a similar face on putting technique that would not necessitate anchoring to the body. It is important to remember that no piece of equipment is outlawed by the rule change. Golfers are free to use any previously legal putter, but 
they cannot affix it to any part of the body.

Buy a Good Putter

A putt requires a different type of club to maximize efficiency, which is why putters exist. In purchasing one, you have to make sure that the putter head is of the ideal size, as you would be relying on this to achieve that perfect putt. The GP putter, for example, tilts at a 10 degree angle when the shaft is positioned straight down. Such specs conform to the rules and regulations of the USGA without compromising form and function, while retaining efficiency by virtue of its measurements.

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