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Because the stroke is much different when you’re on the green than when you’re on the fairway, your putter grip is going to be vitally important and will also be very different than the grip for other clubs. You need to gently swing your club when putting, like a pendulum, and not put the power and strength into it that you would a stroke from the fairway. This means having a putter grip that gives you more support but that is easier to manage when in your hands. Choosing the right putter grips for your club and holing it properly can make all the difference in your short game. There is probably nothing more frustrating in golf than getting to the green in a few strokes and then struggling to sink a putt, so obviously you want to give as much attention to your abilities on the green as the fairway. It’s shortsighted to dismiss the importance of the right putter grips to your game overall.

To find the best putter grips for yourself and to work with it properly, you may want to first talk to a pro about your swing and every other aspect of your game. There is a different type of club and putter grip you’ll need if you tend to slice or hook, and you need a club that accommodates your height, arm length, and so on. It’s easy to think that your game is off because of one factor and then you find out it’s something completely different, and a good pro can evaluate this completely. For those with a hook, choose a fatter putter grip to eliminate this wrist movement. You need to keep everything straight and smooth especially when putting and a fatter grip will keep your wrists from turning more than they should. Those with a slice will want a thinner putter grip as you need just a bit of wrist movement to correct this problem. No matter the choice for you, try out your club at a pro shop, as most will have a small putting green for you to get familiar and comfortable with your options.

Before purchasing, try a different putter grip than the one you feel is right and see if that doesn’t feel better or worse for you. Sometimes when you find something that is worse for you, then you know you have the right choice! You might even ask friends and other golfers to let you try their clubs once or twice to get a feeling for how best putting grips can help. Obviously the best putter grip in the world will do you no good if you’re not holding the club properly and do not have a good swing. If you tend to overpower your putts or don’t line up correctly, this will cause your short game to suffer and your putter grip will be able to do nothing to address this problem.

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